Elephant Professional Blog Software

Have you outgrown your blogging software?

You have a great blog packed with valuable content, spend months building links, finally get into that sweet ad network, and then crash when the first traffic spike rolls through. What a waste!

Elephant is a custom built system. We use our experience building popular blogs — and what we learned from the failures of our Wordpress installations — to build bespoke, high performance, totally tweaked sites that cost less to run, make more money per CPM, and grow along with your business.

Why is Elephant better?

  1. Elephant is faster.
  2. Elephant scales better to high levels of traffic and large amounts of content.
  3. Elephant is installed directly on your server. Your hands don't get dirty and you won't spend a moment in FTP.
  4. Elephant supports Amazon S3 natively, so you can offload your large photos and save money on bandwidth.
  5. Elephant supports the concept of multiple editors without chaos and drama.
  6. Elephant supports any kind of crazy category or tagging system you need.
  7. Elephant has a built-in commenting system that features validation-required user accounts and CAPTCHA spam protection or it can seamlessly tie in with PHPBB
  8. Elephant has a built-in RSS/Atom aggregator, so your network of sites can be painless interconnected.
  9. Elephant comes with 24x7 email support for the first six months - we'll get back to you within three hours if you come across a problem.
  10. Elephant is custom - it can do anything you need it to do!

What does Elephant do out of the box?

Elephant's key feature is customizability, but it also supports all the features you expect from a modern blog right out of the box:

  1. High performance PHP5 + MySQL architecture - make more money from your traffic spikes
  2. Web based administration - multiple editors unable to trample on each other's posts
  3. Post-dated posts - do your work in advance
  4. Comments - with required validation, IP and keyword banning
  5. Photo galleries - merged with regular blog posts (upload unlimited photos), optionally use Amazon S3 to minimize bandwidth costs
  6. Atom feeds - for all posts and every tag
  7. Search - keyword, author, tag
  8. Related posts
  9. WYSIWYG post editor

Who uses Elephant?

We're already serving millions of happy blog readers every day, and our client list is growing quickly!

Fat Penguin Network: The Last Boss, With Leather, What Would Tyler Durden Do

DoubleViking Network: DoubleViking, FilmWad, GameWad, TubeWad, BamKapow and many more coming soon.

N33T Network Destructoid and soon Japanator & Miami Nights.

But what about Open Source?

We love open source, but sometimes you need to build your business on something that gives you a competitive advantage. Is it worth saving a couple thousand dollars (a negligible amount for most businesses) if the result is a site that looks and works just like the others and crashes whenever you get Dugg? If you can't serve content and ads to your readers, you can't make money from them.

How much does it cost?

We have three different pricing levels:

One-time licensing and setup fee:
Anemic Base Elephant software, your coder does customization $995.00
Healthy Full Elephant install, including 10 hours of customization $2,495.00
Pleasantly Plump Full Elephant install including designing & implementing a fresh new XHTML layout $3,995.00

You probably want Healthy. This means we setup the package with basically whatever tweaks you need (some may require more than 10 hours; we'll let you know in advance), install it on your hosting server, and let your graphic designer come in and kick some XHTML ass. They will have a suite of semantically-rich, CSS-ready XHTML templates that they can customize however you please. If you don't have a designer we can take care of that part for you - that's what we call Pleasantly Plump.

Who does your graphic design?

We have a small group of trusted artists who we work with to design cutting-edge blogs and build out standards-compliant XHTML.

Sounds great! What's the next step?

Contact us by sending an email to lackner@gmail.com. We'll talk about your blog, your business, and your objectives and determine how Elephant can suit your needs.